Tuesday, 30 September 2014

MAC Paint Pot - Soft Ochre

1. MAC Paint Pot - Soft Ochre. 2. Paint Pot with Urban Decay Virgin. 3. Urban Decay Virgin without Paint Pot.

On a recent trip to Manchester I picked up a MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. I had never used a Paint Pot previously and its one of them products you need to try for your self to see if it works as much as the hype says. I chose Soft Ochre because it is a soft matte nude colour, i didn't want to get anything too dramatic for my first one and hate it! 

On MAC's website it describes this shade as a pearl finish, but honestly i do not see anything pearly about it to me it is a yellow toned beige with a matte finish. The formula is super creamy which makes is really easy to apply and blend into the lid or with other colours.

What i love about the Paint Pots is that they can be used on their own or used as a base for eye shadow. I have tried them both way and i love it. I use it by itself with a cat eyed liner and it just leaves a subtle hint of colour on the lids and has a lasting effect all day. Unlike some cream shadows/bases the Paint Pots don't smudge or crease making them perfect for day or night wear.

I also really enjoy using this product underneath eye shadow, i find throughout the day my shadow can fade and when creating a slight smokey eye all the colours have faded into one by home time. Using the Paint Pot it really makes the colours of the shadows pop and really does keep them put for as long as you  need them too!

I will defiantly be trying out some different shades, maybe a more colourful one to wear on its own? What you recommend?

Kirsty xx

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Maybelline - The Falsies Mascara

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara has been my go to mascara for as long as i can remember and has been the only mascara that I have repurchased again and again. OK so i have tried to new variations of the product like the Flared and the waterproof but the plain old original has to be my favorite for day to day wear.

The wand with this mascara is super curved so it is extremely easy to apply and get into the inner corners and it is because of the shape of the wand it gives the perfect amount of lift, volume and length.

Like i mentioned i have tired the other formulas and have a spare waterproof one on hand for evenings out or if i am going to have a super long day ahead because let me tell you that stuff does not budge! It is even a struggle to remove it using the Garnier Micellar Water.


What is your go to mascara?

Kirsty xx

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Urban Decay - Naked

The much loved Naked Palette, I cannot believe it took me so long to buy this little beauty! I have just put it off thinking 'no I don't really need it' when in reality now i actually have it, i really did need it!

The palette comes with twelve beautiful shades from a very pale white to a super sultry grey. All twelve are super soft and buttery which means they blend like a dream. The shades are also super pigmented so it doesn't need a lot of product on the brush to get beautiful colour pay off on the lids.

Virgin - A pale shimmer nude, Sin - A Champagne with pink shimmery undertones, Naked - Matte Medium Brown, Sidecar - A bronzed brown, Buck - A darker Matter Brown (than Naked), Half Baked -  A super shimmery bronzed gold, Smog - A glittery dark bronze, Dark Horse - Deep brown with bronze flecks, Toasted - Shimmery pink/brown, Hustle - A deep purple/brown with shimmer, Creep - Black with gold shimmer, Gunmetal - Medium blue toned grey with silver flecks.

Along side the palette you also get four samples of Urban Decays Primer Potion in the shades, Original which when dry is invisible so it doesn't have any effect on the shadow, except making it last so much longer that is! Eden which is a matte nude shade, Sin which is a shimmer  base and finally Anti Ageing which kind of speaks for itself. Together with the Urban Decay double sided shadow brush, with a fluffy side for blending and a more compact side for apply colour.

Do you owe the Naked Palette?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Spot of Shopping

Every once in a while you've got to treat yourself right? - That's my excuse anyway! 

Being a makeup girl through and through, I took a little trip to Manchester and picked up a few things - I won't go into too much detail as i will be doing an individual post on each so keep and eye out for that and follow me on Bloglovin to keep up to date :)

Firstly was the Urban Decay Naked Palette - Seriously cannot believe i didn't pick this up sooner serious love for this palette. I'm sure you have heard so much about the Naked palettes that you've started getting a little bored of the thing, but seriously if you haven't tried it, it is a must. It is so incredibly easy to create day-night looks and the formula is super soft and buttery. £37- Link

Secondly i picked up MAC Studio Fix Fluid - I actually went to House of Fraser for this buy, i haven't owed a MAC foundation so was a little unsure of which colour to get and i though HOF would be quieter than Selfridges so i  could get seen and make my purchase with out too much hanging around. Turns out i am NW15. £21.50 - Link

Then i picked up a MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre - I wanted a base that wasn't going to change the colour of the eye shadow greatly but also keep my shadow in place for as long as i needed it too - it was a huge toss up with Soft Ochre and Bare Study... I think Bare study will  be next on the list. £15.50 - Link

We then popped into Superdrug and again i am a little late on this band wagon but i really wanted to try the Make Up Revolution eye shadows i have heard so much about, i decided to go for the Iconic 1 palette which I know has been greatly likened to the Naked palette but i wanted to give it a try. £4 - Link

NYC are have an offer on at Superdrug at the moment where everything is under £2.50 so i thought i would pick up two little items to text out - the NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer which has an illuminus look - Link and the second NYC product was the Individual Eyes palette in Midtown Mauve - it says it is designed for people with brown eyes but i loved the colours anyway. it comes with four shadows an illuminator and a Primer Base. - Link 

Kirsty xx

Saturday, 20 September 2014

How to Notice a Fake | MAC Lipstick

It has become harder and harder to work out if you are getting a genuine MAC makeup item if you are purchasing them from anywhere but a approved MAC retailer. I thought i would start my blog by starting a series i want to continually update, which will let you know what to look out for when buying MAC from say eBay or Depop or anywhere else for that matter!

Firstly what to look out for on the box. A genuine MAC lipstick has a bar code on the box which is a sticker, the ingredients list which is in a nice crisp white font, the finish and the manufacturers address on the one of the sides and then the front of the box has the MAC logo, the finish and the weight of the lipstick. On the top of the box the genuine lipsticks have a black sticker with just the shade written on.
The replica box is quite similar, it has the MAC logo, the finish and the weight on the front of the box, how ever on the side of the box rather than the bar code applied via sticker it is printed directly onto the box. The ingredients list is exactly the same but the font is a lot less crisp then the genuine one. Then again it have the same finish and MAC's manufacturing address. However printed on the top of the box is 'LOVELORN' which was not the shade on the lipstick inside and the the bottom of the box has a silver sticker which you would expect to see on the bottom of the lipstick itself, it states the shade of the lipstick, the MAC logo, address and the code for the lipstick.

Then onto the actual packaging of the lipstick. The replica lipstick is a lot lighter than the original, it is also slightly taller and wider. The black outer of the lipstick is also different, the genuine lipstick has a slight glitter to the packaging where as the replica is just pure black. On the inside of the lipstick he genuine lipstick has a metal casing for the lipstick to sit in, the fake lipstick is just a silver painted plastic, which eventually will wear away and show the black plastic underneath. The when you open the lipstick there is again MAC's logo and on the genuine lipstick it is very neat, crisp and straight where as on the replica it is crooked, printed higher up the neck and has slightly ran. The sticker on the bottom of the lipstick are vastly different, the original has a darker silver sticker the product information printed directly in the center with the fake having a very pale silver sticker with the product information but it vitally missing the finish!
Another thing to note with the replica lipstick is when twisting it to get the product it feels like it is scraping on itself making a rough manoeuvre where as the genuine MAC lipstick is perfectly smooth.

One of the most noticable differences with the two is the taste, MAC lipsticks generally have a vanilla taste to them which makes them a delight to wear! the replica lipstick is the most foul tasking product i have ever tried, it honestly tastes like eating a bar of soap!

I hope this helps you when you are looking to buy a MAC lipstick from someone other than MAC or off the high street! Let me know what you think of my first post :)

Kirsty x

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