Monday, 27 October 2014

Still Tangled?!

Tangle Teezer

Well things really didn't go to plan! We have recently moved house and were going to be without internet until The Virgin Man can and installed it for us. Me being super keen wrote enough posts to keep me going during it that time and thought i had scheduled them to post themselves.... turns out i didn't do that correctly. So i am sorry i haven't posted for a while but that is the only reason! Heyho lesson learnt, I've now actually looked it up how to do it correctly and it shan't happen again!

The much hyped Tangle Teezer... My hair is notorious for being knotty and tangled so much so when i was young un' my dad called me scrag end because i would go to school with my hair done all pretty and come home with it stuck up all over the place and looking a real mess! 

So reading and hearing so much about The Tangle Teezers I knew i HAD to have one. I obviously went for the pink one! From what i heard these rang through the hair without any snagging or pulling and left hair super healthy looking. So needless to day i had high hopes!

I picked it up on lunch break and as soon as i got back to the office NEEDED to give it a go! for me it is lovely and feels really nice when brushing on the scalp, but i was a little underwhelmed when it did tug. I must admit it doesn't pull as much as an ordinary brush but none the less it pulled. Plus i have found once brushed through and knot free it does keep it in such state a lot longer than an ordinary brush does.

Over all i do really like The Tangle Teezer and really want to get the one specifically for wet hair o and the compact one! I should have really known that no brush would be completely snag free, but we all can hope eh?


  1. This was really helpful. I always wondered what was the difference between this and a normal brush. Thanks!

  2. I didn't know there was one for wet hair?! I must look into that, my hair is a nightmare to brush when wet.


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