Monday, 27 October 2014

Still Tangled?!

Tangle Teezer

Well things really didn't go to plan! We have recently moved house and were going to be without internet until The Virgin Man can and installed it for us. Me being super keen wrote enough posts to keep me going during it that time and thought i had scheduled them to post themselves.... turns out i didn't do that correctly. So i am sorry i haven't posted for a while but that is the only reason! Heyho lesson learnt, I've now actually looked it up how to do it correctly and it shan't happen again!

The much hyped Tangle Teezer... My hair is notorious for being knotty and tangled so much so when i was young un' my dad called me scrag end because i would go to school with my hair done all pretty and come home with it stuck up all over the place and looking a real mess! 

So reading and hearing so much about The Tangle Teezers I knew i HAD to have one. I obviously went for the pink one! From what i heard these rang through the hair without any snagging or pulling and left hair super healthy looking. So needless to day i had high hopes!

I picked it up on lunch break and as soon as i got back to the office NEEDED to give it a go! for me it is lovely and feels really nice when brushing on the scalp, but i was a little underwhelmed when it did tug. I must admit it doesn't pull as much as an ordinary brush but none the less it pulled. Plus i have found once brushed through and knot free it does keep it in such state a lot longer than an ordinary brush does.

Over all i do really like The Tangle Teezer and really want to get the one specifically for wet hair o and the compact one! I should have really known that no brush would be completely snag free, but we all can hope eh?

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Pulling Out The Purples


Its that time of year i start pulling out the purples, vamping up my make up and whack on a big cozy jumper! 

One of my favorite things to wear is dark nails, i think they can bring a look together and they just look so elegant! My purple pick for dark nail is OPI's Vamsterdam. It is a stunning rich purple with bronze shimmer.

Then there is the three purple lipsticks, one of my all time favorite MAC lipsticks is perfect for fall, all though i must admit it did make a few appearance during the warmer months too. Rebel is the most perfect deep berry purple. It looks lovely with just a go over the lips and it is also really build-able to give a stunning colour that lass all day. This is a satin finish which gives the lips a beautiful shine.

Then there was the matte finish. This one is from MUA called Wild Berry. This is not the most pigments lipstick but builds to a really nice pinky purple. Even though it is a matte formula unlike MAC it does wear away quite easily. If you are not into big bold lips and a little afraid on Rebel this would be a great place to start adding a little purple to your collection and with it only being £1 if you still don't think purple is for you at least it wouldn't break the bank!

The final lipstick would look great for an evening out, it is a super shimmer purple from Maybelline and is from the Moisture Extreme Collection. The shade is Silver Plum and As you would expect from the name the lipstick is super moisturising and glides onto the lips effortlessly and again like the MUA lipstick the colour is really build-able so you could go as sheer or as bold as you like with this one. The shade is a medium purple with a very high shine.

Then the two final lip product are glosses from Stila - Tropica Punch and Bellá Pierre - Raspberry. I have grouped these together as there really isn't much between them. They are both super glossy, with our being sticky the only difference is Raspberry is a deep berry shade where as Tropica Punch a super sheer pinky purple.

Have you pulled out your purples?

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Garnier- Ultimate Blends

I think its safe to say that we can all be a little lazy when it comes to using heat protector before using the hair dryer, so i usually lead towards a shampoo and conditioner my favorite being the Aussie 'Take the Heat' range. I have found it tames fly away and it smells incredible! 
Having said that when it came to the bottom of the bottle and time to buy something new, i reached for the Garnier Ultimate Blends.
There are so many different types to chose from in this range, its hard to know which ones to choose! 

For shampoo i opted for 'The Sleek Restorer' which is made with coconut oil and cocoa butter. Coconut oil is renowned for its amazing qualities that help soften hair and skin, much like cocoa butter that is super for getting shut of dryness. The Sleek Restorer claims super-sleek smoothness for dry and frizzy hair.
I love the packaging of the shampoo, I'm not sure what it is but it just looks really luxurious with the brown and bronze colours. Have i mentioned to scent? This smells divine, its like a sweet hint of chocolate, which i admit will not be to everyone's taste but i adore it!
The shampoo lathers really well, so it only needs a really small amount for good hair coverage. I chose the 400ml bottle so i am guessing it will last me quite a long time. 

The conditioner i chose a different one from the range, I went for 'The Silky Smoother' which is made using vanilla milk and papaya which lend softening and revitalising properties to the conditioner. This conditioner claims to bring touchably smooth ends to mid-long hair with split ends.
Again for the scent this is scrummy, it is a super sweet fruity scent which lingers on the hair even after drying. However i am not so sold on the colours of the packaging, from the browns and bronzes looking really luxurious to peach and orange which doesn't look as nice - but its not all about the packaging right? This conditioner is one of the best i have tried in a long time, i apply it to towel dried hair and leave it to sit for a good 5 minutes and once rinsed it left my hair incredibly smooth and really easy to brush through afterwards.

What is your current favorite hair care?

KirstyLeigh xx

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Barry M Gelly - Chai

I have always been a fan of high shine nails and since the release of Barry M's Gelly Nail Paint they have my go to super shine nail polish. I think having a manicure that catches the light is super flattering. 
The new autumn winter collection has a range of stunning colours that when looking at on the shelf Barry M really have done a great job in capturing fall in the 10ml bottles.With all the shades Barry M have gone for a spice theme including Mustard, Paprika, Cocoa, Cardamon and Chilli and then my first and favorite from the collection -Chai.

For me Chai is a stunning shade of grey, once on the nails it does have a hint of green to it though, which i must admit took me by a little surprise! I had to ask my boyfriend if he thought the same and that my eyes had started going funny on me because there isn't any hint from looking at the bottle there is any greenness to it. Its a warm toned grey/green which i think would look great  with any skin tone.

What is your favorite from the Barry M autumn winter collection?

KirstyLeigh xx

Thursday, 2 October 2014

SuperCat v SuperCat Fat

Soap & Glory SuperCat

Soap & Glory SuperCat Fat

Using SuperCat Fat on the side, Using SuperCat Fat on the flat edge and using SuperCat.

I have been using the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner for such a long time now, I mainly chose it because it was the least expensive liner I could find at the time! It turned out to be really good and have just repurchased and repurchased. I read so much about the L'Oréal Super Liner and i swore to myself that would be my next eyeliner purchase. But you know how it is when wondering around Boots looking at the offers and Soap and Glory was on buy one get one get one half so me being the lover of cat eyes i am picked one of each of the SuperCat Liners.

The SuperCat is your typical felt liner from the shape and length of the nib to the outer packaging. Soap & Glory describe it as a Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen with inkjet colour release and gloss-fix finish. As you can see from the photograph above it really is super black and can draw a really thin precise line. 

The SuperCat Fat is anything but your ordinary liner. This has a super thick slanted nib which resembles more of a marker then a liner! Like the other liner it is extremely easy to draw onto the eye with out any drag. This one is described as a Jumbo Carbon Black Ink Eyeliner. I must admit i do struggle with this one to get my everyday cat eye look, so this one will only be pulled out when i'm feeling more adventurous with eyeliner

I am super happy with both the liners, the both draw on extremely well with ultra black lines. I would use the ordinary SuperCat for every day use and the SuperCat Fat when i am wanting my eye makeup to make more of a statement for an evening out maybe.

Have you tried either of the liners? what do you think?

KirstyLeigh xx

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